Reconciliation Management

A Middle-Back office solution for managing Listed derivative financial instruments (derivative contracts bought and sold on Stock Exchanges), integrated with the Front office and the Institution’s legacy components

A modular solution, integrated with the Institutions legacy components to manage the checking of Correspondent Bank Accounts.
It is made up of the module:

  • Cash (Account Management, Liaison Account Management, Management of Statements, Cash Balance, Transaction Management)
  • Securities (Management of Securities Positions and Regulated Operations, Account Definition, Safekeeping Definition, Statement Queries, Management of Positions / Transactions)
  • Confirmations (bank foreign exchange and deposit transactions)
  • Investigation (Multi-channel: SWIFT, e-mail, letters, .pdf, Sender / Recipient Identification Details Management, Management of Texts, Management of Files, Management of Messages, Management of Responses / Messages to be assigned, Rules for automatic complaint / reminder)  
  • General (Register of details of Banks, Currencies, Rates, Environments, Areas, Offices, Layout management parameters, Pre-defined texts, Securities Codes Reconciliation, Combination Criteria).

The technological architecture is three-tier and involves division of the system into three different modules dedicated respectively to the user interface, the operating logic (business logic) and persistent data management. In this way, each of the three modules can be modified or substituted independently of the others and the various modules can also be distributed on different nodes of a network that may even be heterogeneous


Costs of licences lower than the market target of competitor international platforms.