Request to pay

R2P is the payment service allowing beneficiaries to send a payment request in real time to a payer through several digital channels.

With “Request to Pay” the beneficiary can send a request in real time, through different digital channels, to a payer who can then approve and execute the transaction. 
The service ensures that the client receives verified data before initiating a payment, provides the beneficiary with the possibility to add data relevant to the client and allows PSPs to identify and manage risks along the value chain. 

  • Modular solution guaranteeing maximum flexibility and adaptability
  • Access to the service through web service to simplify integration by the institution that intends to subscribe to the scheme
  • Reporting: daily reconciliation report (DRR) and monthly statistical report (MSR)
  • Routing: tables containing participants and their accessible entities
  • Profiled WEB front end to view messages and reports.