Immediate, round the clock, interbank electronic fund transfer

The Exp application is designed to facilitate the processing of payments to beneficiaries in real-time thereby giving them immediate access to their funds. The exp application allows for immediate, round-the-clock, interbank electronic fund transfer services independently from the RTGS operating hours (if the legal framework in a country supports this).

This is made possible by the maintenance of limits in exp, mirroring RTGS balances, against which settlement of retail payments takes place.

When a low value real-time payment request is initiated, it enables an interbank account-to-account payment fund transfer and secure transaction posting with immediate notification features.

  • Real-time payments processing in round the clock operating environment
  • Retail payments are settled in real-time
  • Real-time payer account checking
  • Secure, reliable real-time payments with finality
  • Facilitate efficient real-time cross border payments
  • ISO 20022 message format compliant