Digital Preservation - eDocument Keeper

The system guarantees authenticity, integrity, clarity and availability of electronic documents.

eDocument Keeper is the system for storing digitised paper and electronic documents developed by SIA, which is accredited by AgID. This system was developed in full compliance with the legal requirements set out in the related Technical Regulations (PCM Decree dated 3 December 2013). 

The proposed solution can be adapted to meet the varying needs of customers, which means that it is always “tailor made”.

eDocument Keeper, an ASP-provided service, resolves the problem of electronic storage without having to invest in the maintenance and management of internal IT systems.

The key characteristics of eDK are its modularity and integration with the customer's legacy systems. 

The solution comes complete with additional services, such as consultancy and bulk signing, on-demand signing, mandate delegating responsibility for storage, digitisation and data entry, electronic invoicing and postal services.

The eDocument Keeper solution can store any type of document, guaranteeing the availability of suitable search criteria for each.

The system supports a set of pre-defined document types (contracts, orders, invoices, system logs etc.), but - more importantly - allows them to be customised and new types added.

These types are distinguished by their search fields, as well as by the fact that their storage workflows are completely configurable.

  • slashes the costs of managing paper-based files
  • improves the security of access to stored information
  • outsources the IT systems involved in storage processes
  • delegates the role of person responsible for storage, together with key roles in the digitisation process
  • reliability of SIA as a partner accredited and supervised by AgID.
System requirements

eDK: electronic Document Keeper delivered using the SAAS (software as a service) model;

  1. The Web Server and Application Server component is hosted on very high performance servers.
  2. The document management component is interfaced by a specific application layer that accesses a storage area network made available by the IT infrastructure and Centera from EMC2 for the storage of documents requiring guaranteed legal validity.
  3. Connectivity among the optical switching devices, the storage devices and the servers is assured on a high reliability basis. New servers can be added later without any down time.
  4. The system has application interfaces (http and web services) for:
  • Input of documents, either individually in synchronous mode or in bulk in asynchronous mode
  • Management of payment slips
  • Simple receipts
  • Receipts with digital signature
  • Receipts with time stamp
  • Management of status
  • Bulk operations
  • Status queries
  • Download of documents and batches
  • Exhibition of documents in accordance with legal requirements.