Digital Preservation - eDocument Keeper

The system guarantees authenticity, integrity, clarity and availability of electronic documents.

SIA offers a solution for managing growing volumes of electronic documents and processes:

  • E-government: document management and services for citizens;
  • Billing and electronic payments;
  • Documents in the cloud and SaaS archive services for long term preservation.

E-DK was developed completely in-house, compliant to the legal requirements set out in European Technical Regulations.
E-DK has been developed with the following guiding principles:

  • Modularity
  • Easy integration with customer's systems
  • A wide range of document types (contracts, orders, invoices, system logs, etc...)

Since December 2014, SIA has been accredited by AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) for the digital preservation service. It also complies with the requirements of art. 24 of the EU Reg. 910/2014 eIDAS (effective from 1 July 2016) having obtained the "Service Certificate" for the Digital Preservation service as per the "Checklist for supervisory activities and certification of conformity v.1 of 14 April 2017 "processed by AgID.
SIA obtained the B Type Cloud Service Provider qualification from AgID: it therefore obtained the qualification of its private cloud infrastructure to provide the digital storage service in SaaS mode.

AgID has outlined a qualification process so that Public Administrations can adopt quality cloud infrastructures and services with homogeneous characteristics. Suppliers must therefore previously subject these services to AgID qualification.

Both qualifications are published in the Catalogue of Cloud Services for qualified PA, or Cloud Marketplace, the platform that shows the services and infrastructures qualified by AgID and publishes the Register of qualified CSPs.

Service Certificate SIADownload (PDF 164.63 KB)
E-DK Benefits:
  • Reduced costs for managing paper-based files
  • Improved security of access to stored information
  • Faster and more user-friendly processes
  • Enhanced transparency
Technical features:


  • E-DK is provided using SAAS (software as a service) model
  • Web Server / Application Server component is hosted on very high performance servers.
  • Optical switching devices / storing devices & servers connectivity is assured on a high reliability basis.
  • E-DK is interfaced by a specific application layer that accesses a storing area network and storing devices for documents requiring guaranteed legal validity.

Archiving process is organized in the following phases:

  1. Receiving Submission Information Package (SIP) from SIA Audit of the documents in the SIP
  2. Acceptance of the SIP
  3. Generation of related reports (approving and/or declining);
  4. Audit of the accepted documents;
  5. Preparation of the Archiving Packages;
  6. Digital signature and time stamping of the Archive Information Package (AIP);
  7. Production at the request of the Distribution Packages (DIP) and audit related documents