The Direct Link between your Business and the Banking world.

SIA EasyLinkEasyLink is the platform that enables businesses to interact with their bank counterparts in Italy and around the world via a single communication standard, simplifying the specific technical/functional issues of each payment scheme.

SIA Service Bureau guarantees access to the CBI and SWIFT networks, as well as making use of a direct connection with Poste Italiane.

In addition, the eDentity module allows the use of digital signature to manage the authorization workflow of order instructions, as required by company policies.

The service is integrated with the Alerting function via email to provide instant notice of payments due or awaiting signature. A web monitor enables the user to view at any time the status of the order instruction flows sent and their outcomes.

Data tracking is also available to manage mandates (processed in house or outsourced c/o SIA), to reconcile the statements of the banking counterparts and to provide evidence of them to operational and treasury departments.

To manage mandates, the SEDA (SEPA Electronic Document Alignment) service developed by SIA (on the instructions of the Collecting Banks) enables businesses to communicate directly with the financial institutes of direct debit customers, allowing them to benefit from interbank service levels defined at European level.

  • Single interface for connection of several schemes
  • Automation of financial processes via Application 2 Application connections with ERP and Treasury systems
  • Information and Order Instruction Flows carried via File Transfer and Web Service
  • SSL certificates and End 2 End application security guaranteed by SIA standards and by interbank requirements
  • High Service Levels, thanks to Data Centers managed in High Availability mode with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery procedures
  • Conversion of proprietary formats into the standards required by the various payment schemes
  • Domestic and international protocols for encryption of Checks, SEPA Payments and Collections, Outcomes, Reporting and Free Structures
  • Web Monitor to track in real time the status of the flows exchanged with the interbank schemes.