SIA intelliFENCE

Advanced physical security systems for bank branches.

SIA intelliFENCE is SIA’s range of services for Physical Security, made up of:

  • CEI ABI-compliant peripheral units
  • remote video surveillance systems
  • bi-directional video surveillance systems (Virtual Guard)
  • CCTV
  • alarm and signal centralization systems (intruder, fire, access, etc.)
  • specialist assistance and training program.

At the heart of SIA intelliFENCE lies a CEI ABI-compliant technology platform with a high level of functional specialization allowing centralized management of information coming from the peripheral level.
The SIA intelliFENCE intruder alarm range uses CPA (remote alarms controller) peripheral units: management of up to 192 sensors with maximum customization of:

  • security functions: freedom to choose specific security modules and activate others at a later stage
  • setup: freedom to choose between wall-mounted devices or racks
  • technology architecture: freedom to choose the HW platform (motherboard/single board) and the SW platform (Linux/Microsoft) according to the technology environment
  • interoperability with all CEI ABI management units
  • sensor integration: maximum adaptability with the technology already present on the customers’ premises.

An alarm and signal centralization service is available for customers who do not have their own technology management center.

  • interoperability with all CEI ABI centralization systems
  • conversion of proprietary protocols used by existing alarm units
  • maximum customization
  • maximum adaptability with the technology already present at customers’ premises (BYOD technology)