Your Digital Payment Infrastructure

  • Corporate

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      Enables businesses to interact with their bank counterparts via a single communication standard.


      The new payment frontiers: simple, fast, secure


      Value-added services to facilitate the payment processes.

  • Financial Institutions

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    Financial Institutions

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    • Cash in a Flash


      Send and receive money. Instantly

    • Wallet

      brings together the various payment services, making their use available with various payment instruments

    • Card Management

      suits the needs of multiple Clients from individual Banks, to Groups to Processors to Corporate Clients.

  • Capital Markets

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    Capital Markets

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    • Smart Integrator Advanced

      Multi-network financial messaging orchestration platform.

    • SIA Eagle

      Based on international best practices, SIA Eagle meets compliance obligations in financial markets and contributes to enhance the reputation of investment firms.

    • Collateral Management System

      SIA CMS satisfies the new needs and challenges arising from the rapidly changing CSDs’ world, as well as those of Central Banks and Central Counterparties.

  • Public Sector

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    Public Sector

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    • e-Invoicing

      enables automation, integration and reconciliation of commercial and financial trade flows.

    • Digital Preservation

      Authenticity, integrity, clarity and availability of electronic documents.

    • PayGov

      A sub ledger of the general ledger of the bank’s accounting system.

  • Central Institutions

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    Central Institutions

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    • SEPA Clearing

      Clearing House for SEPA payments and collections.

    • RTGS

      The complete, new generation Real Time Gross Settlement system.


      System database that assigns and provides the national ABI-CAB coordinates for all Italian bank/post office branches.

  • Consumer

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    • Ti Frutta 

      The app that makes you gain by shopping.

    • Jiffy

      Cash in a Flash

      Send and receive money. Instantly

SIA Group

SIA is European leader in the design, creation and management of technology infrastructures and services for Financial Institutions, Central Banks, Corporates and the Public Sector, in the areas of payments, cards, network services and capital markets. SIA Group provides its services in 46 countries, and also operates through its subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, Romania, Hungary and South Africa. The company also has branches in Belgium and the Netherlands, and representation offices in the UK and Poland.


Media & Events

Press Releases 15 01/2018

Winter sales 2018

SIA: +23% purchases online with cards, +11% at traditional stores.

From Friday 5 to Saturday 13 January, over 59 million transactions with debit, credit and prepaid cards, 12 million of which online
More than 7 million transactions on the day the end-of-season sales started all over Italy

Press Releases 11 01/2018

Central Bank of Lithuania selects SIA to access instant payments

Thanks to the network infrastructure SIAnet, Lithuanian banks joined RT1, the EBA Clearing’s pan-European payment platform 

Press Releases 28 12/2017

Digital payments in Italy. SIA: at Christmas +25% online purchases with cards, +9% in traditional stores

In the week from 18 to 24 December, 73 million transactions using debit, credit and prepaid cards, 15 million of which made online. From the start of December, +34% in e-commerce and +8% in traditional channels