Digital Identity

SIA is continuously searching for solutions, technologies and partnerships that combined with his competencies in payments, can enable new business models and services to offer its customers new solutions and answer emerging market needs.
In terms of Digital Identity, SIA is working with partners on the following topics:

  • Identification technologies: technologies and solutions for the safe and unique identification of natural persons, legal persons and devices, for example, through biometrics or IoT devices in order to pair the identification process with the establishment of a contractual relationship between multiple subjects.

  • Self-Sovereign Identity: management of the digital identity following the Self-Sovereign Identity principles, which include the decentralization of a central authority, certifying the user identity and enabling the user to identify with a wide range of digital certificates (e.g., biometrics, digital ID, Master Degree..).

  • Digital Onboarding: retail and business onboarding integrated with a wide range of advanced identification methods.