29 05/2014

Press Releases

SIA: the Shareholders' Meeting appoints the new Board of Directors for the year period 2014-2016

SIA new Board of Directors Download (PDF 30.92 KB)
Milan, 29th May 2014 – The Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of SIA has appointed the new Board of Directors – whose mandate will expire upon the approval of the balance sheet for the financial year 2016 - and Giuliano Asperti as the Chairman of the Company.

The new Board of Directors of SIA, meeting immediately following the conclusion of the Shareholders’ Meeting, resolved to appoint Massimo Arrighettias Chief Executive Officer and Carlo Tresoldi to the position of Deputy Chairman. Massimo Arrighetti was also invested with the executive powers necessary for the management of the Group Companies.

In addition to Chairman Giuliano Asperti, Deputy Chairman Carlo Tresoldi and Chief Executive Officer Massimo Arrighetti, the following are also appointed as members of the new Board of Directors of SIA: Fabio Albano (48, Partner Investments Area F2i SGR), Giuseppe Dallona (51, General Director UBI Systems and Services), Maria Fiore Della Rosa (59, Systems Director Mediolanum Bank), Paolo Maria Grandi (59, Chief Governance Officer Intesa Sanpaolo), Barbara Poggiali (51, independent member), Barnaba Ravanne (41, Investments Director Fondo Strategico Italiano), Marco Tugnolo (44, Investments Manager Fondo Strategico Italiano) and Valerio Zappalà (48, Deputy Chairman Orizzonte SGR).

The new Board of Directors of SIA is composed of eleven members elected on the basis of the lists presented by the shareholders who, individually or together with other shareholders, represent at least 4% of the share capital.