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Nicola Cordone: “An acquisition crucial for our leadership in European payments”

Nicola Cordone: “An acquisition crucial for our leadership in European payments”Download (PDF 146.27 KB)
Milan, 25 May 2018 - “Thanks to the agreement with First Data, SIA Group continues on its path of international growth, confirming its leadership at European level in a sector like that of electronic payments undergoing continuous consolidation.

In particular, in Central and Southeastern Europe we will become the foremost technology provider in a market that in the coming three-year period will see a rise in payment transactions of over 11% per annum, nearly double the growth of Europe at 6%.

With this acquisition, SIA’s revenues, on a 2017 pro-forma basis, will increase by around 18% with a significant surge in income from outside Italy, which will rise from 20% to 33% of the total.

Our major business activities will also see an acceleration with a growth of 23% in payment transactions, 18% in cards managed, 107% in POS terminals and 56% in ATMs.

The acquisition will also have positive effects on the increase in payment volumes processed on our technology platforms, enabling SIA to achieve greater economies of scale and to propose itself as innovative partner at pan-European level”.

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