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SIA enables payment by contactless card at turnstiles in Milan’s subway stations

SIA enables payment by contactless card at turnstiles in Milan’s subway stations Download (PDF 85.79 KB)

Milan, 28th June 2018 – SIA has created the digital platform that enables passengers to pay for tickets in ATM’s urban and extra-urban underground network directly at the turnstiles in a simple, fast and secure manner using MasterCard and Visa contactless cards.
This is a further significant step towards digital transformation in public transport. The new payment system, launched for the first time in Italy in Milan by ATM, is now offered in other countries by leading firms in the industry such as those operating in London, Moscow, Chicago, Singapore and Vancouver.
The innovative service is based on SIA’s technological infrastructure that connects all the POS terminals on which contactless cards can be used to open the turnstiles of the 113 stations in the Milan subway network, as well as payment circuits and ATM’s fare calculation system.
The advanced features of the platform, which support the development of Smart Mobility, allow ATM to manage, authorize, account for and settle transactions and calculate the best rate applicable to the travel route.
The project was made possible thanks to the know-how of ATM and, in addition to SIA, to the technical support of Aitek, Intesa Sanpaolo and Microsoft.
"With the launch of the new contactless card payment service on the entire Milan subway network, SIA is continuing in its innovation process also in the mobility and public transport sector in Italy. Our main objective is to improve the travel experience of passengers thanks to the availability of simple, reliable and secure digital payment services. This new initiative is part of the broader digitization program of the country in which SIA has actively participated for years through technology solutions aimed at making public sector processes more efficient and simplifying daily use of the services by citizens", commented Nicola Cordone, Deputy CEO of SIA.

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