16 07/2020


Tap to move smart

Tap to move smart - BrochureDownload (PDF 2.22 MB)
Innovative payment solutions are one of the key aspects of Smart Mobility. It is increasingly important for travelers to be able to use digital payment instruments to buy and use tickets, also for the added benefits of security and speed.

SIA Smart Mobility suite enables plug & play solutions for transport companies that allow passengers to use their contactless payment card as a travel ticket.


  • swift adoption of the digital ticketing system based on contactless cards and mobile devices
  • reduction in operating costs (issuing and distribution) of tickets
  • financial accounting of daily revenues
  • pay-per-use mode


  • ease of use – travelers need only bring their contactless card, smartphone or smartwatch close to the terminal
  • speed and security - quick access to public transport vehicles, no need to go to the ticket office or salespoints to buy tickets before travelling
  • possibility to monitor costs when purchasing tickets
  • fast and secure cashless digital payment
Tap to move is a Visa Ready for Transit certified solution that recognizes SIA as a technology provider able to support Public Transport firms in the adoption of open-loop solutions.

For further information, please contact us at smartmobility@sia.eu

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