SEPA Core Clearing price list

Prices applied to Clearing services for SCT, SDD COR and SDD B2B

The service is offered to two categories of participants:

  • Direct Participants which exchange flows directly with the SIA Clearing Mechanism
  • Indirect Participants which exchange flows with the Clearing Mechanism via a specific Direct Participant.

The price list applied for each SEPA Clearing service (SCT, SDD COR and SDD B2B) includes the following components:

  • One-time fee
  • Annual service subscription fee
  • Fee per transaction sent and received

One-time fee
Invoiced to a Direct Participant at the time of subscribing to the service and includes the costs of configuration, support in the test phases and activation in the production environment.

One-time fee SCT €5,000
One-time fee SDD COR €5,000
One-time fee SDD B2B €5,000

Annual subscription fee
Invoiced to the Direct Participant at the beginning of each year.
For the first year, it is invoiced pro-rata according to the date of subscription to the service.
For Indirect Participants a fixed annual fee of €150 is applied and invoiced to the Direct Participant.
The maximum annual fee applied for each service is as follows:

Annual fee SCT €25,000
Annual fee SDD COR €25,000
Annual fee SDD COR €25,000

Fee per transaction sent and received
Each transaction sent/received to/from the SIA Clearing Mechanism, within the framework of each SEPA service, is invoiced on a monthly basis to the Direct Participant at the following maximum rate:

SCT Transaction Sent €0.0050
SCT Transaction Received €0.0050


SDD COR Transaction Sent €0.0050
SDD COR Transaction Received €0.0050


SDD B2B Transaction Sent €0.0050
SDD B2B Transaction Received €0.0050

According to the volumes of transactions processed by the Participant, more favorable fee conditions than those quoted may be applied.
The fees quoted do not include the connectivity costs for the exchange of payment transactions between the Participant and the SIA Clearing system.
The fee conditions are applied on the basis of the specific service contract signed by the customer and SIA. Any fee changes are notified to the customer in a timely manner according to the provisions of the “Framework Contract for the supply of Services” signed by the customer and SIA itself.
The duration of the service contract depends on the customer’s requirements with a minimum duration of one year.