Luigi Brescia

Strategies, Planning & Control Director

Luigi Brescia was born in Rho, near Milan, in 1963.

He graduated with honors in Information Sciences from Milan State University in 1992 and later earned a master’s degree with distinction in Economics and Business Administration from the SDA School of Management at Bocconi University in Milan.

Following his positions as Strategic Marketing Manager at SSB and Marketing Director at Quarana, a multinational software house, in 2001 he began his career at SIA, becoming Marketing & Sales Manager in the Large Databases department.

In 2006, he took on the role of Head of Strategic Marketing in SIA at Corporate level.
In February 2011, Brescia was appointed Strategies, Planning & Control Director of SIA with responsibility for producing the Strategic Plan of the Group, for M&A operations, and for the planning and management account system.

In 2014 the Department is also charged with the responsibility for the management account, budgets, forecasts and monthly report of the Business Divisions.
Furthermore within the SIA Group, he is Chairman of Emmecom.