SIApay is an Italian Payment Institution under the management and control of SIA S.p.A. 
As a Principal Member of the major domestic and international payment networks (Bancomat, VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay), SIApay offers collection services via POS (known as acquiring) and payment services via Card (known as issuing), both directly to its own customers and in partnership with Banks and Financial Institutions (known as the Associate model). 
In addition, through an agreement with Poste Italiane, SIApay offers private citizens the option to pay postal payment slips at distribution channels – physical and virtual – managed by Banks or Large-scale Retail Trade. 
Prepaid card and travel documents' reloads complete the offering of SIApay which, from 1 January 2020, sees the assimilation into the organization of Emmecom, the SIA Group company specializing in fixed, mobile and satellite telecommunications networks. 
Through this merger, SIApay is able to integrate its own services with best-in-class telco solutions, to develop high value added solutions for select customer targets.
SIApay S.r.l.
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Via Gonin 36 - 20147 Milan


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SIApay S.r.l.
Share capital: € 600,000.00 fully paid-up
VAT no. / tax no. / Milan Companies' Register no. 06556440961
Milan Economic and Administrative Register (REA) no. 1899376