CSD is designed to fulfil the needs for a reliable, secure and easy-to-use book-entry system.
The system takes into consideration the requirements of Central Securities Depositories, Central Depository Agents (brokers and custodians), Commercial banks and other financial market role players including central banks responsible for managing government securities and central bank instruments.

The system is designed to integrate with market participant’s back-office applications via the SWIFT network or any private network, using a standard interface definition.

The system was designed to incorporate as high a level of technological independence as possible and utilizes only de-facto industry standard technologies. Data integrity, security and confidentiality are fundamental to the design, as well as adherence to sound accounting principles.

  • Minimized risks associated with the clearing and settlement of securities transactions in line with international best practice
  • Comprehensive and accurate record keeping and reporting
  • Liquidity support and tight integration
  • The system facilitates the execution of key functions of systemically important role players such as Government and the central bank in a country.