A new collaborative APP for IPOs

SIABookBuilding is an App designed to give the power to use the ECM Book building centralized system directly through the Thomson Reuters Eikon platform.SIA BookBuilding

The Bookbuilding system, conceived to support thousands of users participating in multiple simultaneous issues, is configurable to meet specific Dealer requirements with regards to new issue sales workflow, order tracking, document management, compliance tracking, report generation and analysis of current and historic issues.

With SIABookBuilding, investment banks can directly manage deals such as initial public offerings, follow-ons and convertible bonds by exploiting simultaneously Thomson Reuters investor ownership data, league tables, news, and a wealth of research and analytics.

The availability of both financial data and execution functionality on one platform creates an effective integrated transaction workflow and enables Equity Capital Markets teams to enhance and optimize the investment decisions.

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SIABookBuilding is seamlessly integrated with Thomson Reuters Eikon making the award winning news and data platform a one stop destination for Investment Banks worldwide:

  • a Centralized Book building saves time, reduces costs and increases the efficiency of the transaction workflow
  • an analytics dashboard facilitates the price discovery
  • integrated Thomson Reuters Eikon data helps to make better and more informed investment decisions
  • shared syndicate shares allocation allows¬†mistakes to be identified very quickly.