Terminal management

Set-up, manteinance and management of POS and ATM terminals.

Set up and maintenance activities necessary to maintain and update the equipment used for electronic acceptance of payment cards (POS and mPOS devices, and EFT Server equipment installed at retail outlets and hotels), including:

  • installation of terminals
  • maintenance of terminals
  • key management
  • terminal software development
  • remote update
  • help desk
  • network management
  • mobile reload
  • Value Added Services.

Management and operation of ATM terminals for the electronic acceptance of payment cards and relative services, including:

  • help desk
  • key management
  • network management
  • mobile and prepaid card reload
  • utility bill payment
  • ATM monitoring
  • Web ATM.

POS management:

  • complete offer (hardware, software, support services)
  • remote update saves time and cost
  • end-to-end coverage.

ATM management:

  • flexibility, security and performance
  • time-to-market
  • cost-effective.