Digital Factory

Multichannel digital services for your customers
SIA Digital Factory is aimed at banks and corporates who want to offer their users a totally in-App, intuitive and real-time digital experience through a user friendly configuration that reduces the services activation time.

The solution speeds up the onboarding and contracting processes’ implementation time, as well as the redemption of new services and the monitoring of ongoing procedures.

Digital processes combine themselves with various external provider services and legacy systems too, ensuring an fast time to market. The solution consists of:
A single interface manages processes and interactions between different components:
back and forth the bank’ back-end, towards SIA and third-party modules (e.g. bank account or payment instrument issuing).
It allows the customer to develop the front-end easily and quickly, through simple action in calls, thus focusing on the development of engaging and effective UX.
Front end
Customer support is guaranteed throughout the setting and development of each phase: Service Design, User Experience and User Interface.
It is also possible to create the front-end (mobile app, web portal)..
Back-office portal
It manages the flow of aggregated data allowing task performance monitoring.

Much more than a App
SIA offers a full solution to develop the App components along with a modular approach to satisfy customer needs.
Digital Onboarding
It allows identifying rapidly the user online, streamlining the documents signing processes to be uploaded electronically and it enables customers to access bank/corporate services in a totally secure way, fully compliant with current regulations.

It allows user authentication through the joint use of two personal identification factors. One of these factors combined with biometrics strengthens due diligence through different methods such as fingerprinting and facial recognition.