The first solution for smartphone money transfers in real time, using the mobile number of the beneficiary
Logo Jiffy SIAIn the “Send and receive money mode, via a smartphone app, Jiffy allows money to be transferred simply by selecting the recipient from the mobile's address book.

The beneficiary is identified by their telephone number. Users input the amount, as well as the reason if desired, and confirm the transaction. The money is available immediately - in fact, the debit and credit are recorded in real time on the current account, payment account or IBAN-linked card.

The “Payment” function allows users to make purchases at stores and pay using NFC technology, by photographing a QR Code, through geolocation, or by entering the outlet’s telephone number. The money is made available to the merchant immediately.

Based on SEPA Credit Transfer, Jiffy is available for all banks operating in the Single Euro Payments Area. Due to the open and interoperable architecture, payments can be made between customers of the same bank or customers of different banks, provided they offer the Jiffy service.

This solution facilitates the creation of a domestic and European money transfer ecosystem.

With Jiffy it is also possible to make donations to non-profit organizations. 

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Jiffy - Cash in a Flash Download (PDF 879.09 KB)
  • quick: the beneficiary receives the money in real time
  • easy: just a few clicks to send money to contacts listed in the smartphone's address book
  • convenient: only need the recipient's IBAN-linked telephone number held in the address book
  • secure: Jiffy is integrated with the user's own bank and current account
  • frequency of use: Jiffy replaces cash in all everyday situations that call for immediacy, such as when sharing the cost of a meal, collecting money for a group present, giving pocket money to children or lending small amounts
  • coverage: more than 80% of Italian banking customers can access Jiffy via their own bank
  • availability: in any location at any time. Jiffy is always available.