Digitisation of meal vouchers

System for the management of payments made using paper meal vouchers at the check-outs of chain retailers

This service enables users holding one or meal vouchers to present them at the check-out in payment for all or part of the purchases made, in accordance with the rules established by the retailer concerned.

The data collected in this way at retail check-outs is transmitted to the gateway, normalised and sent to the authorisation platforms of the issuers that have adopted the scheme.

Upon request, SIA is able to provide a detailed report on the transactions processed to the various actors.

The digitisation of meal vouchers at the check-outs of chain retailers involves the process flow described below:

  • having read all the bar codes on the shopping, the check-out operator receives a meal voucher from the customer in payment
  • the meal voucher is scanned using an optical scanner. The chain retailer's sales system sends the data collected to the gateway which, after identifying the issuer from the structure of the codeline, normalises the data and sends a request to the authorisation platform of the issuer concerned
  • the issuer checks that the codeline is correct, together with the authenticity and validity of the voucher and the amount concerned
  • the outcome of the checks is then sent to the gateway, together with ancillary information
  • the gateway forwards the outcome to the retailer's sales system which, if all is well, deducts the value of the voucher from the total cost of the shopping.