SIA ALPI - Advanced system for freelance hospital doctors

Web service for managing, paying for and reporting on services provided by hospital doctors on a freelance basis.

SIA ALPI is a web service that manages the on-line appointments and administration of services provided by hospital doctors on a freelance basis.

This service is offered by Federsanità ANCI and delivered by SIA S.p.A. as the technological and financial partner. The service delivers advanced ALPI functions that hospitals are able to use on a full web basis.

SIA manages electronic payment instruments, acquiring services, financial reporting services and a help desk covering the various components of the system.

The architecture of the system comprises a number of components. ALPI application, front-end management of freelance activities supported by electronic payment systems.

Payment Gateway, middleware that allows interaction between the application and the payment systems, sending information needed to control the POS terminals to the POS gateway.

The payment gateway also collects information about all payments made (including in cash), so that a complete and consolidated report can be sent via the multi-channel gateway to the accounting applications used by the hospital concerned.

POS Gateway, system for the concentration of payment requests. POS Terminals and Terminal Manager, management of POS terminal functions, including the configurations and authorisations needed to collect payments.