Networks for banking communities

Design, implementation and provision of secure messaging networks for entire domestic and supra-national banking communities.

With SIAnet, SIA has accumulated unique experience in the design, implementation and management of network services that support applications deemed critical by the European financial ecosystem.

SIAnet has been the protagonist in a major series of success stories, being - at this time - the network solution selected by the Italian national interbank network (RNI), EBA Clearing's STEP2 platform, TARGET2-Securities (T2S) and Eurosystem for the 4-CentralBank-Network (4CBNet).

SIA makes available to the international banking community our profound knowledge of technological and market trends and our ability to understand the needs of customers and transform them into custom projects for the definition of ad hoc network solutions, all consistent with the highest standards of reliability, security, efficiency and privacy compliance.

SIAnet offers a wide range of value-added functionality that satisfies the most complex needs of the financial community (including coverage of RTGS system requirements), representing a highly distinctive value proposition.

In particular, SIAnet represents a privacy compliant choice, based on a peer-to-peer architecture without central hub that guarantees the confidentiality of the data exchanged. Network governance can be local and the data exchanged within a community remains within its perimeter.
SIA provides an end-to-end network solution, including all the hardware components, software and necessary services.

The SIAnet messaging interface is designed to ensure ready integration with the participant's technological environments and can operate in a multi-network context.


SIA's experience in the design and development of network infrastructure for domestic and international financial communities has enabled RTGS, ACH and various financial markets to modernise their network infrastructures, using the robust solutions developed by SIA.

SIA can supply a network for banking communities as an alternative to the networks already used, in order to improve the business continuity of critical systems. The impact of adopting an additional network is limited by the supply of any necessary compatibility tools.