Access to T2S (SIA-Colt T2S VANSP)

SIA-Colt T2S VANSP is a high performance, high reliability end-to-end service for the management of traffic and secure access to T2S.

The SIA-Colt network infrastructure enables CSDs, Central Banks within the Eurosystem and the principal banking groups operating in Europe to link to the new platform for the settlement of security transactions, guaranteeing the completely secure and confidential transmission of data, as well as high standards of reliability, performance and service continuity.

Our unique proposal is based on an advanced solution, designed to satisfy the needs of players and optimised specifically for the connectivity and messaging of T2S, without compromises. The pan-European infrastructure is wholly owned by SIA and Colt. It is managed directly in order to maximise and guarantee service levels that are truly end-to-end. In addition, SIA-Colt is a leader in file transfer services and obtains response times that represent a benchmark for the entire industry.

The result is superb performance and scalability, as well as the lowest total cost of ownership. Additionally, as part of the "one-stop shop" solution, SIA-Colt makes its experience and resources available via a complete programme of integration, project management and training services that support T2S Actors in every phase of the migration process, from the feasibility study to going live.

T2S Vansp SIA Colt


This end-to-end service, with all components supplied, installed and managed by SIA-Colt, primarily minimises the complexity of the access infrastructure and allows much greater focus on the achievement of business objectives.
In addition, SIA-Colt means:

  • minimisation of costs and risks via the use of innovative technological infrastructure and the combined professional experience of SIA and Colt in the provision of network and applications services that support the activities considered critical by the international financial community
  • proprietary interface that assures easy integration with IT environments, allowing business applications access to T2S
  • single Service Level Agreement covering the entire T2S solution, based on the technology offered by just one provider
  • monitoring and alert generation tools to check the status of activities directly from the interface and reporting tools to help check SLA compliance
  • technological partner always close at hand, with a customer support service that provides pro-active solutions to problems, a multilingual help desk operational 24/7 and the pro-active management of scalability
  • market benchmark file transfer response times
  • complete range of messaging functions that include non-repudiation, guaranteed delivery, once-only delivery (no data duplication)

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