Central interbank warning system (CAI)

Electronic database of bank and postal cheques and payment cards established pursuant to Law no. 205 of 25/06/99 and subsequent decrees. The database is owned by the Bank of Italy and managed by SIA under a deed of concession.

SIA represents the archive administration body; the archive is controlled by the Bank of Italy, which has entrusted SIA with the related administration by a concessionary act.

The objective of creating this archive is to increase the level of reliability of the payment instruments through the centralized management and identification of the following information:

  • personal data of the drawers of bank or Post Office checks issued without authorization or without funds
  • bank or Post Office checks issued without authorization or without funds, as well as checks not returned to the banks and to the Post Offices after authorization has been revoked
  • financial and accessory penalties imposed for issuing bank or Post Office checks without authorization or without funds, as well as criminal sanctions and associated prohibitions applied for failing to comply with the obligations imposed
  • personal data of the party for whom authorization to use the payment card has been revoked
  • payment cards for which authorization of use has been revoked
  • bank and Post Office checks and payment cards that have been reported stolen or lost.

The databases talk via the RNI (National Interbank Network) in Message Switching and File Transfer mode. Each day, the notifying bodies send SIA information pertinent to each segment and, in accordance with the cut-off times envisaged for each segment, receive back the related confirmations and divulgation.
In addition, at any time, it is possible to request the replication of the entire updated database.