The most sophisticated hybrid Real Time Gross Settlement system in the market.

The RTGS system is unique in its modular approach in as much as it offers state of the art functionality whilst at the same time providing customers with the freedom and flexibility to align the system to their particular business needs. This is facilitated by the standards based framework within which the suite of solutions are deployed.
The platform makes the RTGS scalable, not only in terms of transaction throughput, but also in functionality. It therefore presents to the central bank not only a funds transfer system, but also business processes that are moulded according to international best practice.
Data integrity, security and confidentiality are fundamental to the design.
The system is language independent and requirements for non-English interfaces can be accommodated. RTGS systems have traditionally focused on the settlement of domestic currencies in a country. There are, however, certain currencies, e.g. the EURO and US Dollar that are used as legal tender outside the borders of the country of issue as well as increasing regional integration initiatives developing worldwide.

In order to meet this requirement, the RTGS provides for very sophisticated multicurrency functionality with domestic and regional configurations.


  • Real-time, secure e-commerce, thus benefiting the entire economy
  • provides the backbone for funds transfers between banks and also mitigates the risks inherent in these transfers in that: 
  1. settlement instructions are credit push and therefore have to be prefunded.
  2. settlement place on a gross basis and is final and irrevocable
  3. exposures are visible.